Laser sharp energy storage systems designed by Africans for Africa!

Simply the best thing since Sliced-bread

PowerCore App

A user-friendly UI that allows users to easily monitor, optimize and customize energy usage seamlessly.

All-in-One System

A plug & play, compact, and durable all-in- one system that doesn't require any external equipment to start functioning.

The Powercell

A unique and sustainable alternative system to fossil fuel engines, that collects energy from the sun and delivers conventional energy to customers.

24/7 Power Supply

Deployment of 24/7 utility solar farms for Residential homes. We provide the Best battery array that guarantees 24/7 power supply.

The Powercell Specs


8 kWh


3.5 kW

Size and Weight

L x W x D

45.3 in x 29.6 in x 5.75 in

251.3 lbs


3 years


Floor or wall mounted

Indoor or outdoor

Up to 10 Powercells

-4°F to 122°F

Water and dust resistance.

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We don’t bring to the table.

Our systems are
the tables upon which
African innovators build their dreams

You can't get this anywhere

30% Cheaper Solar Panels

A Powercell that is equivalent to two 1.5kva generator sets

A system that is two times easier to deploy than regular inverters

Long lasting battery range. Best battery array that guarantees 24/7 power supply.

A user friendly UI that allows users to easily monitor, optimize and customize their energy usage seamlessly.



Stellar Quality at Unbeatable Pricing:

Chicken-induced pricing for what it's worth to soar like an eagle under the Sun.

Free system installation, round the clock maintenance.

Solar Energy Insallation

Power Inverter Repair

Power Inverter Maintenance

Power Inverter Design

Solar Panel Repair

Power Inverter Constriction

Solar Panel Maintenance

Remotely accessible Energy storage systems designed to withstand the endgame

It uses an enhanced algorithm that enables users to easily monitor, optimize, and analyze energy consumption, with the use of their smartphones from anywhere, at any time.

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About Us

AceCore is a renewable energy company that design, manufacture, install and maintain energy generation and energy storage systems for the next generation of African innovators.

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